Opendesk: Lift Desk (Small)

A smaller version of the regular Lift desk, which can comfortably accommodate a single user.

An adjustable, pure CNC standing desk matching the aesthetic of the original Desk that can be set to seated, bar and standing heights.

Developed from the original Desk following feedback from the Opendesk community, the Standing Desk was the most requested item to date! Designed as a generous two person workstation, it sits really comfortably alongside it’s older sister. Indeed, when placed back-to-back, two standing desks are the same overall dimension as the original.

Single process CNC cutting, natural materials and simple wooden construction with no additional fixings result in a warm yet contemporary design. Height adjustment is a two person, one minute job. At seated height, the frame provides two useful shelves. Back to back, or against a wall, it’s perfect for a serious home office or larger work space fit out.

Designed by: Joni Steiner, Nick Ierodiaconou

*Fabricate using cutting files hosted on*

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