Sketchup Mobile Viewer for iOS Released!

Mobile users rejoice! Trimble has unveiled their mobile Sketchup Viewer for iOS at 3D Basecamp going on this week in Vail, Colorado.
The new 3D viewer app allows users to sign into their 3D Warehouse account to access the vast collection of models offered on 3D Warehouse as well as browse their personal collection of models.

Basic camera functions such as orbiting, panning, and zooming allow you to show off your 3D creations and it presents the model's last saved rendering style.
The iOS version is already available for download and the team says new features will arrive in future releases. They also promise that an Android version of the app is on its way. All in all, Trimble has created the beginnings of a great Sketchup mobile app that has the promise of being a truly great tool for creating and showcasing Sketchup models.

SketchUpdate Official Announcement
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